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Reverse Enginears


We are Reverse Enginears Labs – a diversely talented digital creative agency that specializes in A/V re-sequencing.



We are a collective of multi-disciplined editors, musicians and artists and our work speaks for itself. Our clients range from television, film and video game studios to corporations to top notch ad agencies. Our team is comprised of the absolute best re-sequencers and VJ’s in the world using the latest software in conjunction with a gifted ear for sound.

Our process goes one step beyond the garden variety hit-or-miss remix campaigns of the past by utilizing a unique vocal re-sequencing effect. This process has produced an award winning methodology leaving captivated and engaged audiences of all ages and genders.

We have delivered official commissions for companies, studios, agencies and NGOs including: Walt Disney, Pixar Animation Studios, The United Nations, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, OnStar, The Guggenheim Museum, J&B Whisky, Showtime, Vox Media, Wieden + Kennedy, Borders Perrin & Norrander, and Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

To date our work has a combined online footprint of over 75 million views.